Tuesday, May 26, 2009

USA fans limited to TH merchandise?!

I have posted on the Tokio Hotel America Forum a little rant things I guess. Oh my username on it is VanessaVandalism, hence that my name is Rikki, check it out. I want any comments on that summary to be posted here also.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Downloading day!

Alot of websites that follow TH have been posting something about this and I am too. Just doing something this little, downloading/buying Ich Bin Da or By Your side, will help. I bought it once more on itunes. This is the least you can do!

David Jost speaks out

“I hope the stalkers are not planning any other attacks. We will now prosecute not only individual members, but the entire Stalker Gang and through the justice of the court ensure that they can not get near the band or first and foremost, their famlies, ever again.”

"Tom, or any of the band members would never raise a hand against a fan,"

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Voice my opinion

We are all aware of the whole situation with Tom and Les Afghans on Tour. Well It is time I voiced out.

Fighting fire with fire only makes a bigger flame. Fighting against these people is not going to solve anything and will only get the band and David even more stressed. If fans declare war this will also delay the release of the album. Nobody wants this. People who want to ” F- the crap out of the stalkers” are NOT real fans. The real fans want to SUPPORT THE BAND VERBALLY NOT PHYSICALLY! What I am about to say will get alot of you pissed off, The stalkers are not the only one with charges. Tom did physically interact with a girl in a violent way. He might also be in some trouble. All of these confrontations and such are going to delay the album and the tour. If this continues we are also in for it. Now people may or may not agree, but this is very true. It seems as if people are by their side but are on the edge and are about to break away and go violent ( Loving my song analogy there?). Violence is not the way! There should not be anyone dropping the F- bomb of H- bomb or any other bomb (verbally or physically) on either persons. Excuse my grammar. Now I love the band and so do many dedicated fans support Tom and have joined the fan action in support of Tom and the band.


are people so violent? Why are they so pessimistic? I'd like some stalkers I had in mind to answer these questions but seeing as they won't I did. IN a nice friendly letter. (no sarcasm intended).